A Dolce Vita Wedding at Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi

Dave + Ally | A Dolce Vita Wedding at Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi

Wedding planner: La Calla Events
Venue: Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi
Hair & mua: Beauty Livery
Florist: Amalfi Coast Florist
Bridal dress: custom by Nicole Bridal
Bridal shoes: Gianni Versace
Groom’s dress: Giorgio Armani
Architectural lighting: Antares Events
Light fountains: Pirotecnica Guadagno

On a warm afternoon of October, 2019, we met an amazing couple, Ally and Dave, in Amalfi, planning for their Big Day to be scheduled for the next-to-be July, then we all unfortunately know what happened with pandemic, every party, every Wedding to be postponed in undetermined dates.
We kept in contact with the guys, hoping for their party to be done soon, and so this increased the hype.

Then we finally planned together for October 2021, Ally and Dave couldn’t resist to have fun, to celebrate their Love, and to make it with their friends and families in Amalfi, at Hotel Santa Caterina!

And in a blink of eyes, here we are! It’s October 2021, when we finally met for the guys’ rehearsal party at NH Convento di Amalfi Hotel, together with Marianna and Laura, La Calla Events Wedding Planners, and immediately we had like a flashback of a couple years, temporarily deleting all this bad stuff.

Our (and their) minds turned in a ‘happy mode’, in a smiling and cheerful shape, and so happy of that!

The day after, on a quite windy day, we reached the couple at Santa Caterina Hotel rooms, where a super friendly, super cool atmosphere welcomed us! A bunch of friends were with bride and groom, to get ready together, listening at cool music, having fun.

Once ready, the guys headed in direction of Duomo di Amalfi, main church in town, majestic in its shapes, so full of history famous worldwide.

After the exciting rite, the guys moved for external photos around Amalfi bay, then reached the amazing venue of Santa Caterina Hotel, a unique place where the Amalfi Coast Dolce Vita took place, also thanks to photographer Slim Aarons shots back in the 60’s, with its pastel tones, that make You mentally go back to that one-of-a-kind era.

Once at the hotel, the newlyweds had a super cool party down at the beach club, where they danced hard with their friends.

Loved this Day!