A Fairytale Wedding at Villa Magia Positano

Matt + Katie | A Fairytale Wedding at Villa Magia Positano

Location: Villa Magia Positano

Flowers: Floragarden Positano

If You’re thinking about a dream place for the day You’re dreaming of since met the Love of Your life, Villa Magia in Positano could be a memorable tiny piece of Heaven! It’s really a Fairytale Wedding in Positano!

We met Katie during last spring in a warm morning of March in the villa, came with her mama from the United States to visit the villa, and immediately our complicity began, as she had shiny eyes, thinking about the Big Day where her and her fiancé Matt would finally become one.

Walked together inside the villa, she knew it’s very close to our studio, and we’ve been there several times before, with her asking ‘what do you think about this place as a spot for pictures?’, or ‘Do you think we could make the imperial table on the main terrace?’, and immediately understood how deep her love for Matt was – and still is!- and that she had a deep passion in every detail for Wedding Day to be perfect.

In a not so good weather Sunday of October, Big Day came, and all families and friends went from every corner of the United States, just to be part of Katie and Matt Wedding Day!

Bridesmaids were dressed in an elegant light rose color, staying in room while Katie was getting ready, excited like if was their Big Day, as they all grown up together since childood!

On terrace facing Positano beach, all guests waited for Katie to arrive, with Matt on the very edge, and his eyes started to shine at the look of her Love and, under a soft rain, they said it: Yes!

After that film-like moment, under a spray-like rain, they entered a corridor made of friends and Love, to start the party, and to start a new life. Together.