Mario + Veronica | Wedding in Positano

Location: Tramonto D’ Oro Praiano

Mario and Veronica, two spouses from Positano, opted for the Church of  Montepertuso, in the upper part of the town, to have the Wedding Ritual, in the end of October.

After that, They had a little cruise around Positano to take the external photo session.

Aboard of a beautiful speedboat, we visited Li Galli Islands, Tordigliano and Fornillo.
Exactly here in Fornillo there’s a rock, called ‘La Mamma e il Figlio’ (Mother and Son), where the couple, risky lovers (!) had a great impact picture.
In a while, the spouses docked at the Hotel San Pietro mooring, hence reached the Hotel Tramonto d’Oro, in Praiano, where the party took place.