My Sister’s Wedding in Atrani

Giovanni + Roberta | My Sister’s Wedding in Atrani

LOCATION: Atrani’s Church – Locanda Costa Diva Praiano



In the whole working year of 2018, and in general of the last years, this have been the hardest Ceremony.

And I even didn’t need to work.

For people that know me, even if a little bit, I have to say I’m not so good in writing, neither to express what I think, but I had to narrate with my own words, in first person, this Story, of an unexpected Sweet Wedding, my Sister’s Wedding!

It took everyone off guard, we all thought it was too early, especially after very hard times.

What about the person she chose to have next for the rest of her life? Well, I think me, my mum and my dad couldn’t ask for someone better.

A big bearded man, that prepares the best ‘alici ‘mbuttunate’ (anchovies filled with mozzarella cheese) in the world, with his giant hands.

My sister’s request to accompany her at the altar, took me breathless, my sudden answer was ‘No’.

It would have been my Father’s task to do it, I didn’t feel myself in His role.

But fortunately, few days before the big ‘Yes’, I understood me and her are my father’s soul, and decided to do it. I’ve never run that much in my entire life, like in those few moments to the altar. What all the ceremonies I’ve made in the past years was made for? Nothing!
It’s such a strong emotion that petrifies and, in my case, makes You run so fast.
Future brides, I promise I’ll never make You recommendations about ‘Don’t run while going to the Church!’ :)

A sweet Wedding, romantic, colored by the September sea blue in the small Church of Atrani, and enjoyed few after in the green and blue of the town of Praiano.
A big ‘Thank You’ to all of our friend that helped for the day, Simone, Viviana, Chiara, Francesco and Aldo.

To my Dad, and to the strength of my Mother.